Partnership of Two Parishes

In the summer of 2020, the Archdiocese of Denver announced the merger of St. Catherine of Siena and Holy Trinity catholic schools into a new regional school, Bl. Miguel Pro Catholic Academy, located on the Holy Trinity campus.

While both schools had a long history of Catholic education, the importance of being able to provide a solid, faith-filled education to all students would better be served by merging the two schools.  The Archdiocese’s vision of a regional school provides a beautiful learning environment for students whose families desire a strong liberal arts education with the Catholic Worldview as the guiding belief for their children.

The founding beliefs of the school guided a transition team to create the strong mission statement which is the beacon of our school.


Our mission statement:

Blessed Miguel Pro Catholic Academy supports and empowers parents in forming their children in beauty, goodness, and Truth.  Our students receive an integrated education, steeped in a Catholic Worldview, in a joy-filled and safe environment that develops the whole child and forms Disciples of Jesus Christ who think critically, reason logically, articulate clearly, and live virtuously.


Bl. Miguel Pro Catholic Academy is grateful for the continued financial support of St. Catherine of Siena and Holy Trinity parishes.